Brand in Brief

Established in 2010, MUJOSH stores are located in high-end shopping malls and department stores covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Philippines, United States, and Japan.


2010, the first stylish glasses brand was established, the first store opened in Chongqing;


2012, Over 100 shops had been opened;


2013, Sold over a million pairs of glasses, over 100% coverage in first-tier cities in China;


2014, Over 300 shops had been opened, MUJOSH debuted in TMall, YOHO, JDcom;


2015, The first concept store was introduced in Sanlitun, Beijing while the first international store was opened in Malaysia. First appearance at the Optical Fair in Paris and Hong Kong;


2016, Over 600 stores across Asia, North America and Oceania. MUJOSH became the number one performer in the eyewear category in "The Double Eleven Online Shopping Event";


2017, MUJOSH have over 750 stores worldwide, sold over 4.5 million pairs of glasses.