2018 / AW


Fire, Flaunt, Hotness
Fireworks break the silence of the night and enjoy the charm and passion.
The BURST series special-shaped frame is inspired by fireworks.
It spreads from inside to outside with high-profile, strong publicizing and freezing the moments of life.


Echo, Lightweight, purely

Echoes inwardly to awaken the purest memory.

The ECHO series turns the sound into a streamline around the front and establishes a connection between hearing and vision.

The lightweight, high-toughness titanium temples can bend back and spring back to an extreme

degree and reduce the sense of restraint.


Mirage, Three-dimensional, mysterious
Combining virtual and realistic architectural arts, like the vision of the mirage, which is structured and intriguing.
ENCHANT series, innovating traditional spectacles aesthetics, uses stereoscopic frames with architectural aesthetics
to interpret the three-dimensional life of unique groups.


True, Innovation, Rebirth
Awaken the memory of sleep and calmly regenerate.NEVERLAND series, return to the
spirit of the wood, combined with new glasses technology, give new values.