2018 / SS


Colorful, Shine, Full of fun
At dawn, bring the purest sunlight, deep and shallow light falls into the eyelids. There was no glitz in the night, but only more brilliance. 
The BLUR series captures the rhythm and color transformation of light and then reflects it on the lens.
Translucent lenses let the eyes release purely charming colors.


Neon, Shadow, Free, Real
The NEON series unleashes the energy of the dark night, 
presents the passion and mystery of the spring and summer with the color of energetic lens tones, 
the exaggerated large boxes frame, 
the geometric cuts and eye-catching designs.


Remodeling, Classic, Vintage, Innovation
The RETRO series is based on the classic round frame, the pilot style,
and the cat's eye shape. It is a new style of folding, embedding, and tiling lenses to present retro new fashion.